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Saturday, November 04, 2006

King Solomon's Pizza (Dairy, Va'ad)

King Solomon's Pizza: KSP is Cholov Yisrael, under the Va'ad. KSP has pizza, pastas, garlic bread, ice cream (also C"Y), salads, some sandwiches, fries, and also does catering (for Bris Milahs etc). It has a laid back atmosphere that is great for family outings, gatherings of young adults, and everybody else. To be perfectly biased, KSP is great (the food, the owner, the ambience etc.) All Positive Reviews From Shamash.org's Kosher Restaurant Database
Address: 4810 N. Seventh St. Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone Number: (602) 870-8655
Hours: Su, Tu, Wed, Thurs 11-8, Mon 11-7, Fri 12-3, Motzei Shabbos until 11:30ish
Mashgiach: Owner is Shomer Shabbos as well as the workers who help out, talk to the owner or the Va'ad for Kashrus information

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